Ruby Star


This 992 GT3 is specced in the original Ruby Star, a $ 12,830 PTS paint option.

Shortly after delivery of this car Porsche released Ruby Star Neo as a modern interpretation of the original which would be available from the standard paint range as 'Sonderfarbe' from 2023 onwards. Which will undoubtedly make this paint a lot rarer on the 992 GT3 compared to the more affordable Ruby Star Neo.

Inspiration of this spec came from the 1992 964 RS which launched in the iconic Ruby Star color. A picture with the 964 is included.


Paint to Sample
Special request

Stats for this specification

VINs documented 1
Paint range 1 of 25 paints *
Availability (make) 1 other Porsche model **
Availability (total) 1 other car **

*We have not fully documented the 911 GT3 yet, so information might be incomplete at this time.

**According to our current data.

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