About us

We document automative paint colors of all makes & models. Both from the standard color palette, extended range and the special requests, also known as PTS or paint to sample.

Our goal is to document all available paints for a vehicle in order to inform people about which paints were available from standard, which were special requests, the pricing, rarity, paint history and so on...

How it works

Each paint option is only uploaded once per vehicle since our main focus is documenting paints, individual vehicles can be documented by adding chassisnumbers for matching cars via the upload detail page. This way we can provide paint info from the VIN and document rarity.

Since each paint option is only uploaded once, we ask users to provide pictures of a stock vehicle where possible to be able to compare the various colors like they left the factory.


All you need is an account, with it you can submit everything you see on our website: paints, makes, models, paint offers, ... Each contribution is greatly appreciated since it makes our database more accurate and informative.

Saw something that's incorrect or that can be improved? Let us know via the contact page (include the URL in your message) and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

Technical info

Our website is completely custom made to the highest standards, fully in house and from the ground up to fit our specific needs to document paints. This is allows us to evolve quickly by meticulously crafting virtually any feature imaginable.
The website is receiving live updates and thereby continuously improving. Read all about it in our montly update summaries.

Interested in the concept?

Are you interested in starting your own journey documenting something (automotive) through your own custom website? Shoot us a message, we have experience setting it up and might be able to help you out. There is a lot of information out there that deserves to be preserved properly.