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Ruby Star

Color Pink
Paint finish Solid
First released by Porsche

Offered by


Paint code 82N
Alias Sternrubin

Ruby Star was previously known as Rubystone Red from when it first featured on the 964 RS, where it was used as communication color for the car. Although being named red it's very much a deep saturated pink tone.

Porsche introduced a modern interpretation of this paint in late 2022 early 2023 called Ruby Star Neo. This new paint will be available from the standard paint range for the 718, 911 and Taycan as a special color or 'Sonderfarbe'.
It's not a replacement of the original as that is still available as a PTS option but we're sure a lot of owners who are interested in the color will choose the 'cheaper' Ruby Star Neo rather than going the expensive PTS route (a ~ $10k price difference) to get the original Ruby Star which is only slightly different.

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