Ruby Star vs Ruby Star Neo

Alessandro Craeye

Comparing Ruby Star (left) and its new interpretation Ruby Star Neo (right) on the 992 GT3.

Up until December '22 owners who wanted a Ruby Star (formerly known as Rubystone Red) GT3 had to go the PTS route and pay around $ 12k for the custom color. After that Porsche introduced a modern version of the paint called Ruby Star Neo which was made available for the 911, 718 and Taycan from the standard paint range as a special color or 'Sonderfarbe'. Coming in quite a bit cheaper at around $ 4k.

The difference between the two is rather small and hard to spot in pictures. Seen here side by side under the showroom lighting at Porsche Colorado Springs, the true difference becomes a bit clearer although it's more apparent when seen in person.
The Ruby Star GT3 on the left shows a more saturated / deeper paint tone while the newer Ruby Star Neo on the right is a bit more flat.

I've included a comparison between both paint samples that shows the difference very clearly, with Ruby Star Neo on the left and the original Ruby Star on the right.