The historic Porsche color Fashion Grey or Modegrau was already available through Individual for the previous generation M3 and continues to be offered for the G80.

As seen in these images the paint has a light green undertone in the shade and appears very light under direct sunlight.

Interestingly Fashion Grey is a very close match to another Porsche paint, the more recent Crayon.
Crayon or Chalk was even used as one of the communication colors for the G81 M3.
Comparing the two sees Fashion Grey appearing a bit warmer in tone.
BMW continues to offer them both for the G80 so it's simply a matter of preference.


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VINs documented 0
Paint range 1 of 25 paints *
Availability (make) 3 other BMW models **
Availability (total) 4 other cars **

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**According to our current data.

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