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Fashion Grey


Color Grey
Paint finish Solid
First released by Porsche

Offered by


Paint code P6H
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Paint code 61H

Fashion Grey is a vintage Porsche color that dates back to the 1950s. It was used for Pre-A 356 models.

It predates Porsche's own paint system since they didn't assemble the 356 bodies themselves at the time. It wasn't until the 90s when Porsche offered a modern day Fashion Grey, or Modegrau as they call it in German, through PTS as their own paint.

Fashion Grey is very similar to the more recently launched paint option Chalk. It takes a very well trained eye to differentiate the two.
Chalk or Crayon is only slightly lighter in color leaning a bit more to white as opposed to Fashion Grey that's a little warmer and more grey.

Since the introduction of Crayon as a standard range Porsche paint, Fashion Grey hasn't been specced through PTS much, simply because of how closely they resemble with one another and the longer wait time and higher price for a PTS car.

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