Central stripe Giallo Fly
Outer stripes Nero DS

This car closely resembles the launch spec of the 812 Competizione, which we've seen plenty of owners adopt for their car (as is the case with most launch specs).

It carries the same Racing Livery in Giallo Fly with Nero DS outlines but the grey paint of the bodywork is slightly different. While the launch spec uses the newly made color for the car called Grigio Competizione, this one is painted in a more historical color called Grigio Ferro, which is a slightly darker grey.


Tailor Made
Special request

Stats for this specification

VINs documented 1
Paint range 1 of 3 paints *
Availability (make) 0 other Ferrari models **
Availability (total) 0 other cars **

*We have not fully documented the 812 Competizione yet, so information might be incomplete at this time.

**According to our current data.

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