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Nardo Grey

Color Grey
Paint finish Solid
First released by Audi

Offered by


Paint code P6K


Paint code Y7C
Alias Nardograu


Paint code P6K


Paint code LY7C

Nardo Grey is a modern Audi paint that has been pretty popular in recent years. Mainly featuring on the RS models but also not uncommon to see on the standard model range.
The paint was introduced in the early 2010's when it first appeared on the RS7 Sportback in 2013 and has since remained available as a standard range paint on most RS cars.

Other manufacturers like BMW and Porsche have also picked up on the popularity of this paint and included it in their extended paints catalogue and / or released a similar color of their own.

Nardo grey is a flat, non-metallic light grey with a warmer tone.


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