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Grigio Medio

Color Grey
Paint finish Solid
First released by Ferrari

Offered by


Paint manufacturer PPG
Paint code 791
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Paint code P6U
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Grigio Medio is a historical Ferrari paint that literally translates to "medium grey", describing the appearance of the color.

It's a non-metallic shade of grey with subtle green undertones. It closely resembles Grigio Scuro but Medio is just a bit ligher in tone. Between the two Grigio Scuro is also the more popular option, especially since it is now offered as a historical paint from the standard range for recent Ferrari models.

BMW has also picked up the paint, offering it from its extended Individual paints catalogue. Although on BMW's you are more likely to see Lamborghini's Grigio Telesto which also is a close match to Medio but Telesto is a darker metallic (pearl) grey.


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