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Liquid Metal Silver

Color Silver
Paint finish Metallic
First released by Porsche

Offered by


Paint code 9S8

Liquid Metal Silver is one of two 'Liquid Metal' paints developed by Porsche especially for the 918 Spyder, the other being Liquid Metal Chrome Blue.

These paints go through a special painting process that requires 9 coats of which the metallic flake is precisely aligned by magnets. These are then finished with an additional 3 layers of clear coat. All this combined creates a unique depth in the paint which has to be seen in person as it doesn't really come across on camera.

Despite being a rather pricy paint option, coming in at ~ € 50k, Liquid Metal Silver is perhaps the most popular color for the car.

The Liquid metal paints were exclusively reserved for the 918 although we're aware of at least one car (991 GT3 RS) of which the owners were able to option the Liquid Metal Chrome Blue paint.


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