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Grigio Telesto

Color Grey
Paint finish Pearlescent
First released by Lamborghini

Offered by


Paint code P6M
Alias Grigio Telesto Pearl
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Paint manufacturer PPG
Paint code 0098
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Paint code 7GG/Z69
Alias Grigio Telesto Metallic

Grigio Telesto is available through PTS for Porsche's as 'Grigio Telesto Metallic', originally the paint code was Z69 but nowadays it goes by 7GG.


Grigio Telesto is a Lamborghini paint color that debuted on the Gallardo Superleggera in 2006 and later on the Murciélago. It often appears to be a solid paint on photos even under direct sunlight but is in fact a pearlescent / metallic. When seen up close in person you'll notice the flake which sets it apart from the equally as popular but lighter Nardo Grey which is a uni paint.
It's a very popular color for the brand and is still offered today.

The popularity of the color quickly brought it to other brands such as Porsche where it became available through PTS as 'Grigio Telesto Metallic' for the Panamera and shortly thereafter the 911.

Audi also offered it although it is not as common as with BMW, where we've seen it appear on a whole range of models including the non M cars through BMW Individual as 'Grigio Telesto Pearl'.

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