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Codename G87
Series M2
Production 2023 -

The G87 M2 was shown to the public ahead of its debut at Motorclassica in Melbourne, Australia, in October 2022.
Launching globally in April 2023, the G87 BMW M2 will start at $62,200 in the US.

Production is moving from Leipzig, Germany (where the F87 was built) to San Luis Potosi in Mexico where the other 2 Series variants are already being built.
This however means that no Individual paint is available, since the Luis Potosi factory isn't setup for it (yet).

Some Frozen (matte) paint options will be added to the options list later on to extend the color range from the 5 options that were available at launch.
Zandvoort Blue, Toronto Red, Brooklyn Gray, Alpine White, and Sapphire Black. The first two currently exclusively available on the G87.

Color split

Of all documented paints
Blue 20%
Red 20%
Grey 20%
White 20%
Black 20%

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