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September '23 updates

Alessandro Craeye on   Updates


  • Added extra charts to the stats page.
    • Most uploaded makes bar chart.
    • Most uploaded models bar chart.
  • Users are now informed of the production dates for the selected model while uploading to help with entering the paint availability dates.


  • Improved charts on mobile devices.
    • Less items will be displayed in bar charts to fit smaller screens.
    • Minor styling tweaks to optimize use of screen space.
  • Rewrite of the availability dates validation. This will now check for both the dates being valid and verify if this falls inside the production window of the vehicle.
  • We've updated the complete codebase of the website. The frameworks it runs on, both backend and frontend, deployment tools and more. This also includes updating the coding languages the site uses to their latest respective versions.
  • Various improvements to page load.
    • Tree shake various libraries to remove unnecessary code.
    • Where possible, only serve required code when needed.
  • Code reformatting & improvements.


  • Fixed internal duplicate upload check for certain edge cases.
  • Fixed some missing animations.
  • Various minor fixes to our theme due to the updated libraries.
  • Minor styling tweaks on blog pages.