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August '23 updates

Alessandro Craeye on   Updates


  • Modified the carousel on upload detail pages for mobile. The images will now fill the width of your device, removing unnecessary whitespace. The aspect ratio of the images will now also be respected to show the full image without cropping out portrait oriented images.
    Please note this can cause the content of the page to jump up and down when cycling between images with varying aspect ratios. Let us know your feedback on this change!
  • Improved database mapping for user profiles to extend functionality and reduce requests.
    • For example: This allowed us to include the user who submitted a VIN in the VIN table on the upload detail pages.
  • Improved handling of user profile states. A message will now be shown for banned or deleted profiles.
  • Minor improvements to page load priority.


  • Fixed a bug in the duplicate upload verification where certain uploads with a specific combination of values were incorrectly allowed.
  • Various fixes related to the error state of fields for all forms on the website. Error messages and fields will now be highlighted to point out why your submission failed.
  • Minor tweaks to descriptions provided for search engines.
  • Fixed tooltips not working on certain pages.