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June '24 updates

Alessandro Craeye on   Updates


  • In addition to editing paints, users can now also edit the information (paint code, sticker, ...) for each manufacturer that offers the paint.
  • Paint edit history can now be accessed by users.
  • The number of edits made is now added to the stats on user profiles.


  • Changed paint availability date notation to no longer auto fill the end date when none was provided.
  • Further improvements to page load by splitting up core files and awaiting existing data, to remove unused code on pages where it was not needed.
  • Improvements to the text editor like dark mode support, spell checking and minor layout changes.
  • Minor general layout tweaks.


  • Fixed an issue where user submitted paint offers were shown before being validated by an admin.
  • Fixed file input styling on dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain users (with specific characters in their username) not being able to access their profile page.
  • Minor fixes for the paint editing forms.


  • Various minor tweaks and improvements to the backend.