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May '24 updates

Alessandro Craeye on   Updates


  • Users can now comment on uploads, feel free to share your thoughts, interesting facts or stories.
  • Now serving ads across the website.
    • Users that want to support the website directly can get a membership to remove the ads.


  • Added keyboard navigation for the carousel.
  • Added a direct link to search on mobile.
  • The model variants will now show their codename in the input fields, like was already the case for the main models.
    • Liveries will now also show their codename directly in the input field. 
  • Improvements to consent handling.
  • Minor layout tweaks.
  • Various minor accessibility and loading tweaks.


  • Redirect back to the previous page when trying to like something when not logged in.
  • Fixed the card layout when filtering blog posts.


  • Tweaks and improvements to edit handling in the backend.