Viola Hong Kong

0155 / 0167

Viola Hong Kong is a paint that has become quite popular on Ferrari's as of late. Despite being an extra range Tailor Made option we've seen it feature on as good as the whole current model range, like here on the 296 GTB.

This Tailor Made option comes at quite a cost as the two-layer metallic will set you back just under $ 33k ($ 32,904 to be precise).

For that price you'd expect the paint to be perfect but sadly this car seems to have plenty of swirls in the paint all around the car, which is not the first time we've seen this from Ferrari.


Tailor Made
Special request

Stats for this specification

VINs documented 1
Paint range 1 of 8 paints *
Availability (make) 1 other Ferrari model **
Availability (total) 1 other car **

*We have not fully documented the 296 GTB yet, so information might be incomplete at this time.

**According to our current data.

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