From 2013 until 2015

Pure White was one of two no-cost standard paint options (together with black) on the 918 Spyder, both non-metallic paints. White was by far the most popular of the two and even the second most popular color on the car with 120 units having left the factory in White. It's also the only paint to have more Weissach Package cars than standard cars with 70 out of the 120 cars featuring the expensive option, as seen in these images.


Standard range

Stats for this specification

VINs documented 1
Paint range 1 of 7 paints *
Availability (make) 11 other Porsche models **
Availability (total) 11 other cars **

*We have not fully documented the 918 Spyder yet, so information might be incomplete at this time.

**According to our current data.

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