This Golf R has a very special story attached to it which could even be the reason Spektrum for the Golf R in the US came to be.

When this car was first listed for sale by Lindsey Volkswagen in Dulles, Virginia it quickly caused a stir because of the unique color it was painted in. Carbon Steel Grey was offered on the Mk6 and Mk7 GTI but never on the Golf R, so somewhere along the line an error must've occurred causing the car to be painted Carbon Steel Grey Metallic (LA9W) instead of Limestone Grey (LA7N) which was part of the standard paint range.
Because the paint was otherwise available in the Wolfsburg plant for other models, the paint inspectors didn't catch the error and only inspected the paint condition itself.

Megan Closset, who was the product manager of the Golf GTI and Golf R in America at the time, noticed the buzz around this car and used it to convince VW to bring the Spektrum program to the US.

Volkswagen themselves have confirmed the error and that this is the only car to be painted this color from factory, verifying it with a special letter of authenticity.

Fun fact: while the Spektrum colors were a $ 2,500 option, this one came at no extra cost listed on the window sticker, because of the error that occurred.


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