This 812 GTS is painted in a very unique color called Blu Scozia Opaco, a very dark matte blue paint. Specially configured through Ferrari's Tailor Made Atelier.

The price of this paintwork is not listed specifically on the window sticker seeing as there are too many options to list but it's among the $ 123,147 of 'other options' bringing the total of this exact car to $ 618,154.
A very high number but not the highest we've seen, as this Nuovo Azzurro La Plata 812 Superfast with custom livery takes it up even further.


Tailor Made
Special request

Stats for this specification

VINs documented 1
Paint range 1 of 16 paints *
Availability (make) 0 other Ferrari models **
Availability (total) 0 other cars **

*We have not fully documented the 812 GTS yet, so information might be incomplete at this time.

**According to our current data.

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