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Underberg Green

Color Green
Paint finish Solid
First released by Volkswagen

Offered by


Paint code LP6G


Paint code P6G

Underberg Green is a paint color from the Volkswagen Group, most notably appearing on Porsche's nowadays. It first featured on a 991.1 GTS Coupe and has also recently been added to the PTS catalogue since the 2023 update although it remains relatively rare to see.

In the very extensive list of green paints that are available through PTS, Underberg Green sits inbetween Irish Green and Brewster Green. It's a dark non-metallic green with a warm gold undertone.

The name of the color reportedly comes from the Underberg family (founders of the Underberg brand of German digestif bitter, produced at Rheinberg in Germany). They apparently ordered their cars in this custom color.


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