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South Sea Blue


Color Blue
Paint finish Metallic
First released by Mercedes-Benz

Offered by


Paint code 162U


Paint code 162U


Paint code 5SO

Here's how Porsche describes the paint in their PTS portfolio:

Southseabluemetallic is a bright and vibrant metallic shade of blue, presumably named after the colour of the South Seas, which are known for their crystal-clear blue waters. The lively blue colour with a slight silver and turquoise undertone gives it a tropical and exotic feel.

The exterior color is originally a paint option of a German automotive manufacturer. It pairs well with a variety of other colours, including deeper blues, beige, and earth tones.

South Sea Blue is a paint color by Mercedes-Benz which first appeared on the 3rd gen A-Class in 2012, later also on the B-Class and GLA where it featured on the standard paint range. It's also available on the current G-Class as a G Manufaktur paint option.

In 2023 this color was also added to the Porsche PTS catalogue since a customer has requested the color through the Paint to Sample Plus programme.


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