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Sao Paulo Yellow

sao paulo gelb

Color Yellow
Paint finish Solid
First released by BMW

Offered by


Paint code C4H

Sao Paulo Yellow is a very bold and bright paint color introduced by BMW with the G82 M4 in 2020. It's classed as an M paint, meaning it is exclusively reserved for M cars and you won't see it feature on 'standard' BMWs. Since its introduction we've also seen it appear on the other models in the G8X range and also the X3 M & X4 M.

It's named as a yellow color but in certain conditions it might just as well be called green as it has some very noticeable green undertones making it similar in appearance to Porsche's Acid Green.

As for the name itself, it is obviously linked to São Paulo in Brazil, a country which is also very vibrant.


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