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Liquid Copper

Color Bronze
Paint finish Metallic
First released by BMW

Offered by


Paint code P8T

Liquid Copper describes itself pretty well, it's a metallic copper color. It was most notably on the i7 M70 as one of the communication colors with the two-tone Sapphire Black over Liquid Copper finish but is otherwise rarely seen.

It closely resembles Zanzibar but is a bit darker in tone.

BMW describes the paint as follows:
BMW Individual Liquid Copper metallic from the colour spectrum of special paint finishes is a versatile copper, which changes to an impressive range of tones according to the light. In the midday sun, the full luminosity of the metallic particles is activated, revealing a light copper colour which makes clear: An M automobile with this special paint finish is anything but normal. In the evening, when the sun has set, BMW Individual Liquid Copper transforms into an elegant, timeless brown hue. If this colour were a suit, one would be elegantly and stylishly dressed for every occasion.


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