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BMW M8 Gran Coupe First Edition

Codename F92
Body type Sedan

BMW realeased a special edition, limited to 400 units, of the M8 Gran Coupe that closely resembles the concept car keeping various unique elements.

Described as follows in the press release:
When the BMW M8 Concept Gran Coupé was first debuted in March 2018, it was an overnight sensation with M fans and the automotive media alike. Besides its bold design and beautiful lines, this very special car boasted truly unique details, including its iconic yellow BMW Laser Lights headlights, gold rims and exterior accents. Most captivating of all was the specially developed iridescent Saléve Vert paint, inspired by the Northern Lights. Originating from a vision and built from ambition, the M8 Gran Coupé Concept presented the perfect fusion of athleticism and sophistication. Bringing together the opposing worlds of modern luxury and classic motorsport, it inspired BMW M to make the dream into a reality.

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