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Porsche Spyder RS

Codename 718
Series 718
Production January 2024 -

The 718 Spyder RS is the open-top counterpart to the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, the last entry for the current 718 model range.
Lightweight, open-top and with the 911 GT3 engine. What's not to love?

There are 4 standard (no-cost) colors, and 6 special colors (Sonderfarbe) available. The communication color for the car, Vanadium Grey Metallic, is a new shade that was introduced for this car. Aside from the standard range, PTS is obviously also available.

The soft-top roof is only available in black, optionally with Carmine Red or Arctic Grey accents.

The Weissach Pack is available and can be optioned with a partial painted hood through Exclusive Manufaktur. (Weissach Pack has a full carbon hood as standard)

Color split

Of all documented paints
Green 66.67%
Grey 33.33%

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