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Codename F90
Series M5
Production 2017 -


35 Jahre
First Edition

The F90 M5 is based on the G30 5 Series and uses an all-wheel drive ("xDrive") powertrain, being the first time that an M5 has not been rear-wheel drive. However the all-wheel drive system is biased towards the rear wheels. It can also be configured to send power to the rear wheels only, if the electronic stability control (ESC) is disabled. The exterior of the M5 was designed by Seungmo Lim. 

The car was unveiled at the Gamescom in August 2017, to promote the launch of Need for Speed Payback. The M5 was also shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September 2017. The M5 is produced alongside regular 5 Series models at the BMW Dingolfing Plant in Germany.

Color split

Of all documented paints
Grey 21.21%
Green 21.21%
Blue 21.21%
Purple 9.09%
Silver 6.06%
Pink 3.03%
Brown 3.03%
Yellow 3.03%
Red 3.03%
Black 3.03%
White 3.03%
Bronze 3.03%

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