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BMW 8 Series

Codename G15
Series 8 Series
Production November 2018 -


Gran Coupe
M850i Coupé First Edition

The second-generation of the BMW 8 Series consists of the BMW G14 (convertible version), BMW G15 (two-door coupe version) grand tourers and BMW G16 (four-door "Gran Coupe" sedan version) executive car (E). The G14/G15/G16 generation has been in production since 2018, and is often collectively referred to as the G15. Although it is technically shorter in length than the BMW 7 Series, it is still classified as an F-segment car by the European Union.

It is the successor to the BMW 6 Series (F06/F12/F13) range and marks the return of the BMW 8 Series nameplate after nearly two decades, which was previously produced as the E31 until its discontinuation in 1999.

Color split

Of all documented paints
Purple 33.33%
Blue 33.33%
Green 33.33%

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